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Celebrating Ozzie Hardy

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Honoring Veterans 

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Hailing HHS' Pool Guy

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Haverhill Life Issue schedule   
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Dec-18     11/21/18       11/29/18
Jan-19     12/19/18       12/27/18
Feb-19     1/23/19        1/31/18
Mar-19     2/20/19        2/28/19
Apr-19     3/20/19        3/28/19
May-19     4/24/19        5/2/19
Jun-19     5/22/19        5/30/19
Jul-19      6/19/19        6/27/19
Aug-19     7/24/19        8/1/19
Sep-19     8/21/19        8/29/19
Oct-19     9/21/19         9/26/19
Nov-19    10/23/19       10/31/19
Dec-19    11/20/19        11/28/19
Jan-20    12/18/19        12/26/19

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